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The Woman Who Turned Into A Castle

Creatively Authentic…

Julia is a Manchester based versatile Voice Actor with a natural, genuine, warm, believable, relatable voice.
She is an accomplished actor and uses these skills to great effect when working on Animation, Gaming & Audio Drama characters. She is also a qualified dentist, so tackles medical & scientific terminology with ease.

Northern Grit....

Julia was born in Manchester but lived in London for 15 years too - other accents are available! She has confessed to actually eating some northern grit in the past.mixed in with chewing gum…I know eww…she was quite little.
She is professional, down-to-earth with a good work ethic and has common sense, as well as intelligence.
She is also determined, meticulous [aka recovering perfectionist] and is easy to work with.

....Latin Passion

Julia is extremely passionate about her work and about providing and delivering a service that her clients are happy with.
She works with enthusiasm, warm friendliness to all and generosity to other actors.
Her acting background lends her the ability to create fully rounded characters and bring them to life.
She has a musical ear, growing up around languages and the accordion and playing latin percussion, allowing her to bring musicality to her characters and voice over reads.

Achievements & Training


  • Nominated in 2 categories at the OVA London April 2018, including Best Performance for her Gaming Reel


  • Gravy for the Brain
  • Member for 2 years; course modules covering Commercial, Corporate, Gaming, Audio Drama, Animation etc

  • VoiceOver Network Member
  • Numerous webinars & workshops

  • Voice Over Kickstart 1 & 11
  • with Guy Michaels

  • Vocal Training
  • Voice Classes with Nic Redman


  • Selected for the Semi-Finals of the NBF London 2018

  • Workshop with John Ainsworth


  • Randall Ryan
  • [Hamsterball Studios, Austin,Texas]

  • Cissy Jones
  • [Bafta in 2017 for Delilah: Firewatch] [June 2018]

  • Marc Graue and Alex Wilton Regan


  • Sara Jane Sherman
  • [12 years at Disney now freelance]

  • Everett Oliver
  • [LA VO coach; former booth director for the AVO talent agency]

  • 2 years acting training with David Crowley at Act Up North, Charlie De’Ath at Act4TV and numerous workshops with Directors & Casting Directors including Beverley Keogh, Michelle Smith, Manuel Puro, Lewis Arnold, Emma Gregory & Neil Alderton.
  • Radio Journalism Course :
  • Presented and edited numerous features for LBC Radio

Chloe Barrett


Julia has been extremely professional in her approach to working together. As a start up we require open minded, enthusiastic people with a strong skill set. Julia recorded and edited our content into audio for our 3D visual learning tools. The result was precise and exactly how it was promised. One thing I liked was Julia's past expertise in Dentistry, allowing us to receive the audio spoken with the correct terminology. I found the experience reliable and will continue to work with Julia on our other projects. I would recommend Julia Meola to people who need audio content.

Elena Hamilton

Awareness & Training Film for Greater Manchester Police

Julia was a pleasure to work with and was reliable and punctual. She took direction well and really engaged with her character to give a captivating and emotive performance. - Victim Support Officer

Jamie Thompson

Rabbit in the Headlights

I was lucky enough to work with Julia on a hard hitting piece of Radio Drama. In the studio it became clear Julia was a model professional, who took direction like an actor at the very top of their game. Her depth of characters and vocal range is phenomenal and her delivery is razor sharp. Above all, Julia was a pleasure to work with.

Elle Crow

The Fire & The Great Scapegoat

Thanks ever so much for your hard work and professional acting on the project.

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